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And if you’re still breathing, you’re the lucky ones.
Most of us are heaving through corrupted lungs.
CT-21-0408 | Echo & Bacta
Inspired by the wonderful fanfiction Live To Fight Another Day
by raemanzu and spica-tea.

I’m freaking out, because Brent Friedman, who wrote the arc in which Echo was supposed to return, tweeted about my Echo drawing and said the following:


No I would not believe
The L I G H T could ever go

When I was out there, alone, all I had was your training and the lessons you taught me. And because of you, I did survive. And not only that, I was able to lead others to survive as well.

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Rex-centric (clone centric in general), explores build up to Order 66, Rex’s reaction to Fives’ dying words and subsequent obsession with the truth, ptsd, Rex and Cody’s friendship, Echo coming back with the Bad Batch, and MORE! Canon-compliant (Films TCW) and in character. Starts between seasons 5 and 6 of TCW and then continues past season 6. Variety of canon characters. No ships


But there is so much yet to come, very very soon. Chapter 11 is in final edits as I type this.

I hope you all enjoy this next bit of Rex’s journey :D and cry a lot

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            Skywalker watched them go. The moment they were out the door, his face relaxed out of its affected pleasantry. He turned back toward the hospital bed.

            “Rex,” he said seriously, “Admiral Bet may have bought your tale, and I only pray you had a good reason for lying to an Admiral of the Republic Navy, but I will not have you lying to me.”

            Rex cast his eyes down and sighed. He tried to remind himself that no matter what the General said, everything he had done and would do was for the good of the Republic.

            “What really happened, Rex? And why are you keeping it to yourself? …It’s Echo, isn’t it?”


            “You’re protecting him. There’s more to this malfunction than you’re saying—he… Rex, was he the one who shot you?” Skywalker’s voice took on notes of both outrage and shock.

            “Yes, sir,” Rex said miserably.

            Skywalker didn’t say anything immediately. He merely paced a few feet then turned back toward Rex, aggressively grasping the bar at the end of his bed.

            “Is there more you’re not telling me?”

            “Yes, sir” Rex looked up at Skywalker on the end of his bed and their eyes met.

            “I don’t want a ‘yes, sir,’” he breathed. “I want answers! What’s going on with you, suddenly? You’re better than this. You were made to be better than this! And I’ve seen you deal with harder missions than this one, and you never lose your head. You’re dependable. You know the mission priorities. You told me you were ready to lead this mission.”

            Rex had never seen such disappointment in his General’s face before. To see it coupled with such confusion, such surprise, knowing that the General had such trust in him, was so much worse than he imagined. He didn’t know what to say.

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SW:TCW - S03 E21



This made tear up for real.

And we all know the answer…

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Star Wars A New Hope as read by some of the freaking greatest voice actors in the world. Probably my all time favourite comedy sketch. If you don’t think Jess Harnell voicing R2D2 as Christopher Walken is hilarious, you’re just wrong.

Some of my favourites (and more reasons for you to watch) include

Stormtrooper = Pinky (Animaniacs)
Captain Antilles = Adam West
Leia = Jake the dog (Adventure Time)
c3p0 = William Shatner
c3po = George Takei
luke = Bender  (Futurama)
r2d2 = Ozzy Osbourne
leia = Vincent Price
r2d2 = Bill Cosby
c3po = Fry (Futurama)
buru = Twilight sparkle (My little pony)
luke = Pinky (Animaniacs)
leia = the Brain (Animaniacs)
c3po = Raven (Teen Titans)
luke = Zoidberg (Futurama)
obi-wan = Cartman (Southpark)
luke = Rodney Dangerfield
dr. avizian = Paul Lynd
alien/greedo = Tony Soprano (the Sopranos)
han = Kiff (Futrama)
obi-wan = Rafael (1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
vader = Yosemite Sam (Looney Tunes)
c3p0 = Zap Brannigan (Futurama)
r2d2 = Harley Quinn (Batman)


w h a t



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Pages from my printed Thesis, BABYLON

You can purchase your own professionally binded and printed copy via my STORENVY now. I only have a few copies left & will not be printing more. Each purchase of this comic comes with a free sketch `u`

**PSA: There are themes of blood, violence, & sexual themes in this comic.

This comic was absolutely amazing. I’m so glad to gave gotten a copy! Please check it out!!!


Even a Jedi is no match for the Ice Bucket Challenge.  

And he nominates the rest of the Ep. VII cast - so get on it, John Boyega, Adam Driver, Lupita Nyong’o, Gwen Christie and of course Carrie Fisher!!

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