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Welcome to Republic City: Sky Bison and Air Scooters

Like the last picture I posted on here, I am absolutely in love with this screencap. This time though, the reasons are entirely different… Instead of it being because of how the picture differentiates them from each other, this picture does a flawless job of uniting them under Aang’s legacy. I mean… all of them in air nomad clothes, getting off a sky bison… Ikki and Jinora using the AIR SCOOTER to do so- it’s just too perfect. 

It’s obvious that Aang did his best to pass on not only airbender tradition, but his own personal flair (hence the air scooters) to his son… who is now doing his best to instill these same traditions in his own children- and doing a pretty good job, if I do say so myself. 

But in all seriousness… this scene is so beautiful, and so much of what Aang would have wanted (not only in his traditions being carried on, but also his youngest son having a happy family of his own), I can’t help but get sentimental looking at it.

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