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omfg and then more Trakka kept me up til 3am sOOBBBBBB dammit. Just practicing her face, and then her with Peesh and then OH LORD ATROCITUS sobs why does your face exist. I think it’s also the changing artists where I’m just like what is his face structure. The  doodle in the corner is based on the lovely idea ala Juliet that when Atros is around Trakka his ring doesn’t have any power at all and it’s just like. Lays on side. Cries a puddle of tears and drowns.

I should go to bed.


This is wonderful! A Blue Lantern baby girl friend for Peesh! Oh goodness, Atros, freakin’ Atros, you’re back…My soul needed all of this, thank you…

Trakka is canonically Atrocitus’ daughter, lost in the Manhunters arc.