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Please give this group a look. There are many like this, but this one seems to be one of the more popular ones, and thus the most disconcerting. (is this a pointless endeavor to ask them to change? Yes, probably, but the point is, I want to make sure the artists I respect are aware of it)

On the surface, it is a group that seems to be RP-ing and promoting Avatar fanart.

But when you look at the actual uploads, MANY of them are not credited at all. I have even seen a few cases where art has been manipulated, and then uplaoded, and the uploader acts like they own it, and they made it.

It is offensive to me, as an Avatar fan who has worked with so many of you lovely artists out there, and it is quite hurtful to me to see your art slapped around with no credit given. Even if it’s just laziness, and not malicious, I think it is insensitive and hurtful to you amazing people who draw lovely stuff.

I even saw an SRU artwork uploaded with no context or credit provided. This really upset me. I spent some time yesterday and today looking at some of these groups’ galleries and providing links to the original uploads when no user name/signature was available, and no credit was given. Then I received this post on my wall.

(You can see the actual post and my response here.)

I was still adding links to help promote the artists, simply stating “Artist Credit” and providing a link (I do not see how this is spam) and I was banned from posting in the group immediately after, without even a response. Very rude, if you ask me. (the group’s own profile picture doesn’t even have any kind of credit)

I’d like to think that some of them at least ASK first, but even so, it doesn’t make it any less rude to not give credit where it’s due.

And no, it didn’t look like 90% to me, because I’m sorry, but a teeny-tiny signature that is not legible does not COUNT as artist credit. Even if it’s technically OK, it is still RUDE, is the point. When you’ve got a group of 4,000 people following your page, show some common courtesy to the artists, eh?

I have even seen cases where artwork was cropped so that the artist’s signature was cut out. THAT is low. (I do not think THIS particular FB group has done that, BUT I have seen it) I know this even happens on Tumblr, where people steal art and just post it rather than reblogging the original, but at least then I USUALLY see people include a source link these days. (the links I posted giving artist credit even seems to have been removed because I was banned from the group)

Either way, at the VERY least, whether you take issue with this or not, I think all Avatar fan artists should be aware of this, and should be including a pronounced and easily visible signature of some sort on any of their art, if only for their own sakes. I’m sure these are all just teenagers having fun role-playing (two or three them replied, “I just found these on Google”), but a simple tweak in how they are doing it would result in an act of rudeness becoming a gesture of support for the artists.

At the VERY least, you artists could possibly garner new fans, and your art DESERVES to be seen!

(in the process of writing and sending this blog post out, I HAVE noticed a few pics I had commented on where my comment had been removed, a credit link had been added in the description, so that’s something…hopefully I’ve helped them be more mindful of this, but I just wanted to spread awareness of this problem, I love you artists and hate seeing you not get the credit you deserve)

I believe I saw Viria and Minuiko art on there…

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Korra’s female cousin’s face

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The Truth Revealed

Location: Wilderness, The Northern Water Tribe, The North Pole

They were so young…


Aang&Tenzin - Like the Seasons

This song is by ja-an-ba and jasjuliet
Here’s the link to the original post of the song:…
And here’s the link to download the song:…

I’m still alive but I’m barely breathing
It’s been so many years but I’m still grieving
I wanna be a good man just like you were dad
Hoping I can I find the strength that you had

The days coming up could be some of my worst.
It’s gonna be hard to put republic city first.
Even though the world always needed savin
You always made time for baby bending

What am I supposed to do when I feel a breeze and it’s not you
How am I supposed to lead without your wisdom guiding me
I want to be like you
Tell me what should I do

I remember the night we found her
I suddenly felt like you were closer.
I looked for a trace that I wasn’t sure I’d find
But there’s something that reminds me of you in those eyes

What am I supposed do to do to teach someone who once was you
What am I supposed to say when my own kids ask for you someday
What am I supposed to do when the best part of me was always you
How am I supposed speak when Korra asks about your legacy
He was our hero, and you will be also

Everything happens for a reason
Wish you were here but like the seasons
The winds have changed and the leaves have fallen
I just need to know you can here me callin

Every time you feel the breeze embrace you know that it was me
When the children ask for me say I’m glad they keep you company
I’m so proud you’re my son
Through her I live on

An absolutely perfect and brilliant AMV made to ‘Like the Seasons’. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to make this. I’ll never be able to think of our song without this in the back of my mind because it’s so wonderfully paced! Thank you so much!!!

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modern gaang

well, even though Mai is not exactly a part of gaang and there is no Suki. I just started drawing it with Zuko, and apparently Zuko turned out holding Mai and I continued drawing them together. Tokka is not supposed to be a couple here..or maybe it is.. I am evil, who knows:D

I figured there won’t be anything bad, if I will actually keep Aang’s arm tattoos:3 And Sokka with his hair down, because Sokka is hot with his hair down though I didn’t quite manage to make him hot here. but I love his t-shirt:D

Zuko.. I guess Zuko would pretty much wear hoody almost all the time, and in a way trying to hide his face, because, let’s face it, people in real world are cruel. But, yeah, Zuko is Zuko so who knows how much he would actually care about it. Also, I guess Zuko would be that type of don’t-even-dare-to-look-at-MY-girlfriend:D

PS Mai is not angry at Zuko, she’s just unimpressed over someone she sees.

and..well, Toph is Toph:P


This is from ( and contains a little bit of new info. We’ll be seeing another rally which we saw in the promo, and the Equalists are aware of the United Forces headed to the city so hopefully Iroh has a backup plan.

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Avatar State : allows an Avatar to channel immensely vast cosmic energies and knowledge of all the previous Avatars; the glow is the combination of all the past lives, focusing their energy through the body.

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Tarrlok - Son of Yakone




Tarrlok - Son of Yakone


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Lightning: the cold-blooded fire

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