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殘暑-Late summer

Bloodbending brothers in Yukata.

The idea in my mind for a long time.

I think Tarrlok is very suitable to wear yukata ~haha


Look forward to seeing everyone at the Korra panel tomorrow morning!



WIP sketch of a LOK print.

This is going to be amazing.

A new face, a new land, a wife who couldn’t know his real name, and a son.

Tarrlok had become his father.

But, he decided, cradling the child child closely, he would give Noatak a better life. Tarrlok held no grudges. Stripped of it all, he could finally be at peace.


#1 in my “Things I Hope Happen to Tarrlok” list.

He would wear it for the sake of notoriety, but Tarrlok couldn’t bring himself to be ashamed of the scars.

He had not killed Noatak. Now, they hid, Tarrlok behind a mask, Noatak behind a face few had seen before, and the older brother kept his peace.

Horribly early WIP, an attempt at responding to the finale. 


My emotions don’t work.

I don’t know. He survives, scarred, buries Noatak and lives on the top of a mountain as a recluse? Or returns to the city, pardoned but not allowed his bending?

Noatak’s injury would be on his back, I suppose.


AMON Bonaparte! lol… Viva la revolution!!!!  


Follow this guy, there’s art ;)


This is from ( and contains a little bit of new info. We’ll be seeing another rally which we saw in the promo, and the Equalists are aware of the United Forces headed to the city so hopefully Iroh has a backup plan.

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Here is the final press art I did for the upcoming 1-hour finale of The Legend of Korra, which airs on Saturday, June 23. Thanks for all of the kind words and support as I posted some of the in-progress elements along the way. I was sick and exhausted through most of the process, so the positive vibes were more than welcome. Amon’s mask received a minor nose job since I posted that layer last week: he has less of the signature Konietzko schnoz now.

Prison life. Tarrlok gets used to the slammer.

Amon waits for the sun to rise red and round at his window.

Sketch WIP


I have noticed that many of you would like to know about my past.

I will not tell you everything, but you deserve to know the basics.

My family…. It is hard to remember them clearly now, but I believe they were… beautiful.

They were the bravest, strongest people I have ever known.

((Warning: This is long.))

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