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Graphic Design student at SVA. Puerto Rican. Final Fantasy and overall Square Soft turned Enix veteran. I like too many things and you'll probably see drawings of them if you stick around. jasjuliet's art tag here Instagram
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Razer would make for one heck of a Sith apprentice.



jasjuliet submitted:

There we go :) Happy belated birthday, and I can’t wait to read more about Xhea and Shai!

So this made me go “Eeeee!” and then want to cry – because these are my girls!! Amazing art by jasjuliet, commissioned by fantasiawandering, of Xhea and Shai from RADIANT.

I’m a writer and I’m struggling for words. To see the characters who have been living in my head for so many years suddenly brought to life like this … it’s amazing. Beyond amazing.

Thank you for the BEST birthday present!!

(What ksumnersmith fails to mention is that you can preorder the book here). <3

Sharing this from Fantasia for the preorder link! I’m so happy you liked it, Karina, best of luck with this amazing series :)

AU sketchdump of Maul and Obi as youngling padawans…

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Savage Opress, (alongside Rex) is one of my favorite characters in TCW! As staggeringly Force-sensitive as he is, I wonder what he would’ve been like if the Jedi had taken him to train for knighthood.

Wee Fett clones are adorable when they aren’t making me weep in anguish. (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿)


"What’s up, Skyguy?"


Broskis of mine heart. #CloneTroopers #Mandalorians #Fetts

That didn’t take long, did it…But, I am loving every second of Star Wars: Clone Wars. Have a “Shiny” Rex and a veteran one.


I had a dream about a girl that learned the skill to fish from a hunter in her dreams.

'Do I look alright as a coconut head?'



Total Slaughter versus Love and Peace. These are from the Color Palette Meme requests, 1 & 9 respectively, and here are the original posts on my main: x x :)

Vash the Stampede in 9! Total Slaughter Love and Peace!

I think Knives could make it rain if he wanted to.